high current 10 to 20 amp automatic

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This design can be used for charging high current lead acid batteries in the order of 100 to 200 AH, the design is perfectly automatic and switches of the power to the battery and also itself, once the battery gets fully charged. A filter capacitor after the bridge network has been ignored for the sake of simplicity, however for better DC outp

high current 10 to 20 amp automatic
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ut to the battery one can add a 1000uF/25V capacitor across the bridge positive and negative. The next stage consists of an opamp 741 IC voltage comparator, which is configured to sense the battery voltage while it is being charged and switch its output at pin #6 with the relevant response. The preset is adjusted such that the IC reverts its output at pin #6 when the battery becomes fully charged and reaches about 14 volts which happens to be the transformer voltage at normal conditions. Initially, power to the circuit is initiated by pressing the "start" switch. On doing this, the switch bypasses the contacts of the relay and powers the circuit momentarily. This switches ON the transistor and the relay, the relay instantly latches the power via its relevant contacts such that now even if the "start" switch is released, the circuit remains switched ON and begins charging the connected battery. The circuit gets completely switched OFF until the start button is pressed once again and the connected battery has a charge that`s under the set 14 volt mark. Switch ON power by pressing the start button and keep it depressed manually, simultaneouslyadjust the preset such that the relay just trips or switches OFF at the given rated transformer voltage which should be around 14 volts. Due to the discharged battery, now the voltage to the circuit will drop under 14 volts and the circuit will instantly latch, initiating the procedure as...

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