high gain antenna 43dB amplifier circuit

A very simple and useful antenna amplifier can be constructed using this circuit diagram. This antenna amplifier is very useful for 35kHz-150Mhz frequency band. This antenna amplifier circuit is based on transistors and has a low 3 dB non-linearity and a high gain of 43 dB. The input and output impedance for this rf amplifier is 75 ohms. The L
high gain antenna 43dB amplifier circuit - schematic

1 and L2 radio frequency coils are constructed from a 0. 25 mm CuEm wire, with a 5 mm diameter. Both coils require 10 number of turns. All used transistors are of the same type and can be BF183, BF200 or other similar type. The total consumption of this rf amplifier is very low, the circuit will need only 20 mA.

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