how to build a100 watt pure sine wave

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The circuit provided in this article shows you a simple way of building a useful liitle inverter thats easy to build and yet provides the features of a pure sine wave inverter. The circuit can be easily modified for getting higher outputs. The input stage consisting of T1 and T2 form a discrete differential amplifier, responsible for boosting the

how to build a100 watt pure sine wave
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

low amplitude input signal from the sine generator. As we all know that the biggest drawback with sine wave inverters is its RED HOT output devices, which drastically reduces the over all efficiency of the system. This will help to reduce the current requirements of the circuit and thus help to keep the devices cooler. The approach will also help to increase the efficiency of the system. Once this is done, you can rest assured of a clean, hassle free pure sine wave output that may be used for powering ANY electrical gadget, even your computer. Another power output stage is shown below using MOSFETs, which may be used in conjunction with the above discussed sine generator circuit for making a 150 watts high power pure sine wave inverter.

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