how to build inexpensive frequency

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Capacitors are one of the major electronic components which come under the passive component family. These are extensively used in lectronic circuits and virtually no circuit can be built without involving these important parts. The basic function of a capacitor is to block DC and pass AC or in simple words any voltage which is pulsating in na

how to build inexpensive frequency
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ture will be allowed to pass through a capacitor and any voltage that`s not polarized or direct will be blocked by a capacitor by the process of charging. However unlike resistors, capacitors are difficult to measure through ordinary methods. For example, an ordinary multitester might have many measuring features included like an OHM meter, voltmeter, ammeter, diode tester, hFE tester etc. but might just not have the illusive capacitance measuring feature. The feature of a capacitance meter or an inductance meter is seen to be available only in high end type of multimeters which are definitely not cheap and not every new hobbyist might be interested in procuring one. The circuit discussed here very effectively tackles these issues and shows how to build a simple inexpensive capacitance cum frequency meter which can be built at home by any electronic novice and used for the intended useful application. Referring to the figure, the IC 555 forms the heart of the entire configuration. This work horse versatile chip is configured in its most standard mode that is the monostable multivibrator mode. Every positive peak of the pulse applied at the input that is pin #2 of the IC creates a stable output with some predetermined fixed period set by the preset P1. This generates a kind of an average value at the output of the IC for which is directly proportional to the frequency of the applied clock. In other words the output of the IC...

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