how to make inexpensive current

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Charging any type of chargeable battery can be critical and involves some attention to be paid. Especially the current or the rate at which the battery is being charged becomes an important factor as far as maintaining life and efficiency of the battery for a longer period of time is concerned. The circuit diagram presented here shows how the IC L

how to make inexpensive current
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M317 ca be configured using just a couple resistors and an ordinary transformer bridge power supply for charging a 12 volt lead acid battery with utmost accuracy. The ADJ pin of the IC is fixed to the junction of the resistor R1 and the variable resistor R2. R2 can be fine set for aligning the final output voltage with the battery. As long as this current is within the desired safe range, the voltage remains at the specified level, however if the current tends to rise, the voltage is withdrawn by the IC and dropped, restricting the current rise any further and ensuring appropriate safety for the battery. The connected ammeter is used for monitoring the charge condition of the battery. Once theammetershows zero voltage, the battery may bedetachedfrom the charger for the intended use.

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