how to make remote control circuit from

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The proposed remote control circuit idea can be used for controlling any electrical gadget within a range of 100 meters. Since the idea here is to modify an existing circuit of a remote bell unit, becomes super easy without any complications. However the construction part does require the involvement of electronic assemblies so this project ma

how to make remote control circuit from
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y not be considered entirely a layman`s project. We all have seen and probably used remote bell gadget in our homes. The device is basically a wireless RF receiver and a transmitter set which can be used for producing alarm sounds remotely for calling or indication proposes. The receiver unit positioned anywhere within this limit instantly plucks the trigger and switches the in built musical bell, sounding the alarm. The trigger may last for a few moments even after the transmitter is switched OFF. If we are able to mod the receiver part of the unit so that the received trigger can be used to operate a relay instead of the usual alarm, our job is done. However before we indulge into the modification process, it would be necessary to make the Flip Flop circuit first, which would be later on required to be integrated with the receiver set of the remote bell. The flip flop section is a very simple configuration consisting of just a single IC and a few other passive components. The entire circuit may be buikt over a small general purpose board with the help of the shown schematic. You will find a small speaker connected via a couple of wires which terminate from the circuit board of the unit. Just cut-of the wires from the speaker, remove the entire circuit from its housing and screw it inside a new housing, which should be relatively bigger in size so that it can accommodate the flip flop section, the transformer power supply...

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