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The hydraulic system includes pump No. 8 (Drawing 10) installed on the gearbox, dispenser (1), oil tank (4), hydraulic jack (5) and oil conduits. From the tank oil moves along conduit (9), sucked in the pump (8) and gets into dispenser (1) via conduit (7). The oil in the dispenser with four valves (10, 11, 13, 14) may be guided either to the jack b

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ottom (to raise the derrick) via conduit No. 2, or to the jack top (to lower the derrick) via conduit No. 6 or to the oil tank via conduit No. 3. The dispenser consists of the case fastened to the bracket by bolts. On the right side the case is equipped with valves No. 10 and 11; on the left side valves No. 13 and 14. The hydraulic system has manual oil pump (15); its function is to raise the derrick at slight angle so that to throw back the cab if the engine has broke down. From pump the oil gets into the connecting branch (back valve with spring (12) move the ball aside) and then to the connecting channel. Shutoff valves (11 and 13) close cross channels that lead to the connecting branches of raising conduits and to the top of hydraulic jack. Cross channels have orifices with valves (10 and 14); rooms of these valves are interconnected by common link incoming to the connecting branch of the unloading line. Over connecting channel there is a safety valve consisting of ball with spring; one end of the spring is inserted into the cage, the other one leans on the ball via guide through special plate. When the safety valve is active oil raises the ball and gets into the low drain channel through horizontal and vertical orifices. The drain channel is under the rooms of valves No. 10 and 14. 1 - dispenser; 2, 6, 7, 9 - conduits; 3 - unloading line; 4 - oil tank; 5 hydraulic jack; 8 - pump; 10, 11, 13, 14 - valves; 12 - spring;...

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