ic speech

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

For some ten years Texas Instruments have been developing solid state speech technology with the result that speech can now be produced which faithfully preserves the character of the spoken voice including intonation, accent, dialect, and pitch. Linked to a microcomputer, words can be strung together to make complete phrases and sentences so that

ic speech
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voice communication between `computer` and human becomes possible. The uses of this project are far reaching and will be of benefit to almost anyone who uses it. The carefully selected word library has many applications in the home and industry, for telephone, burglar alarms, conversations, messages, games, electronic terms, studio control speaking clock, temperature indication, calendar, business coding, factory announcements, and accountancy. This month we shall present the complete building project which can be purchased as a kit and explain how to interface the WORDMAKER board to a microcomputer. Possible interface circuits are included and BASIC programs are also given. It has already been fully tested on the Sharp MZ-80K and Tangerine systems. Further details are provided later for other popular micros and we shall be following this article with additional information on the processes of speech synthesis employed, and readers` ideas for interfacing and use will be welcomed. The E and MM WORDMAKER Speech Synthesiser is based on the Texas Instruments Voice Synthesis Processor (VSP). This card can be interfaced to any computer system or used as an independent unit. The card comprises the Texas TMS 5100 Voice Synthesis Processor; a memory bank containing the vocabulary and an onboard amplifier. The synthesis method used is called Linear Predictive Coding (LPC). This is a technique developed by Texas which minimises the...

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