instructions to assemble energy

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Free-energy` or `G-solar energy` as solar infrared radiation energy stored in the gravitational field. Alternative terms: `Aether heat`, `2nd-material layer Heat` In the link below, professor KonstantinMeyldescribes in detail simple experimental setting of miniature Tesla towers in University laboratory, so as to measure beyond doubt the free-energy. He also proves the existence of scalar (non-vector or non-Herz) ) waves

instructions to assemble energy
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of the electromagnetised aether (I assume them to be scalar waves of the scalar electromagnetic potential). In neutral aether, such waves would be the aether sound compression waves (travelling of course at the speed around that of light, or in cases that molecular mater is present maybe faster than light). This professor has published papers, and books about his findings, and has developped his own unified-field theory. And what is also practical, he has designed and sells, experimental kits (for about 300 euros) of miniatures of the Tesla-towers, where he measures in the receiver tower 4 times more power (in milli-volts), as "free energy". B) The next set of instructions is taken mainly from the experimental work of the laboratory of Jean Louis Naudin. ( ) and in particular version 3. 2 and 3. 3. We must notice inadvance, that the present realization v3. 3 of the Kapanadze device, byJean Louis Naudin, is so that the device fails, in the sense, that it does not give more power, that the given input power. But this is not what Kapanadze did. I only give the details of v3. 3 realization by J. L. Naudin, because I know of no other very detailed data of realization that did succeed (except perhaps the next video by Andre Fabrice, and more material here ). Nevertheless, as J. L. Naudin has published in the same page, of his site, some of the experimenters claim that they did get more output power than the input power. E. g....

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