interfacing lcd atmega32 microcontroller atmel studio

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is an electronic display which is commonly usednowadaysin applications such as calculators, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. 16G—2 character LCD module is a very basic module which is commonly used by electronic hobbyists and is used in many electronic devices and project. It can display 2 lines of 16 character and each character

interfacing lcd atmega32 microcontroller atmel studio
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is displayed using 5G—7 or 5G—10 pixel matrix. Interfacing 16G—2 LCD with Atmega32 Atmel AVR Microcontroller using Atmel Studio is bit complex as there is nobuiltin libraries. To solve this difficulty we developed a LCD library which includes the commonly used features. Just include our header file and enjoy. You can download the header file from the bottom of this article. 16G—2 LCD can be interfaced with a microcontroller in 8 Bit or 4 Bit mode. These differs in how data and commands are send to LCD. In 8 Bit mode character data (as 8 bit ASCII) and LCD command aresentthrough the data lines D0 to D7. That is 8 bit data is send at a time and data strobe is given through E of the LCD. But 4 Bit mode uses only 4 data lines D4 to D7. In this 8 bit data is dividedintotwo parts and aresentsequentially through the data lines. The idea of 4 bit communication is introduced to save pins of microcontroller. 4 bit communication is bit slower than 8 bit but this speed difference has no significance as LCDs are slow speed devices. Thus 4 bit mode data transfer is most commonly used. #define D0 eS_PORTD0 #define D1 eS_PORTD1 #define D2 eS_PORTD2 #define D3 eS_PORTD3 #define D4 eS_PORTD4 #define D5 eS_PORTD5 #define D6 eS_PORTD6 #define D7 eS_PORTD7 #define RS eS_PORTC6 #define EN eS_PORTC7 Lcd8_Set_Cursor() & Lcd4_Set_Cursor() :These function will set the cursor position on the LCD screen by specifying its row and column. By using these...

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