ir remote control extender mark 5

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The latest addition to my collection of Infra Red (IR) Repeater circuits. The Mark 5 is a much improved version of the Mark 1 circuit and has increased range and sensitivity. It is also immune to the effects ofambient light, daylight and other forms of interference. In addition it works with IR modulation freuencies in the range 30 to 120kHz makin

ir remote control extender mark 5
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g the Mk5 circuit the best choice for compatibility with remote controls. This time I have returned to "first principles" and built a wideband infra red (IR) preamp which receives and re-transmits the entire baseband signal from a remote control handset. It is designed to work with IR controls using 30-120KHz and should therefore work with just about any handset. In addition I have separated ambient (surrounding) light from the modulated light used by a remote handset. The major problem with the Mark 1 circuit is that it reacts to all light sources, ambient light producing a continous signal from the IR photo diode and is amplified by the rest of the circuit. I have published a modification to the original Mark 1 circuit, click here to view. It is difficult working with Infra Red, you cannot see it, and it is difficult to measure. A major barrier with this circuit was how to differentiate between daylight and an IR signal. Ambient light produces an almost continuous signal, changing little over several hours. A signal from an IR handset contains control pulses modulated with a carrier frequency (typically 36kHz) transmitted using an Infra Red photo diode. My solution used here, is a simple RC filter formed by C1 and R3. At low frequency i. e. 50Hz the impedance of C1 is high, around 144k. The voltage gain of inverting op-amp IC2 is approximately R4 / R3, but at low frequency C1 is in series with R3 so the gain is now 120k /...

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