kaizer sstc ii

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is a modified version of the first SSTC I built, the Kaizer SSTC I. It uses the same secondary, topload and driver board. New things is a full bridge of IRFP460 MOSFETs, audio modulation, shielded drivers and a new casing. I took apart a 19 ³ LCD monitor and a 24 ³ CRT monitor, from these respective computer parts I salvaged a good piece of acrylic

kaizer sstc ii
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from the LCD monitor and a fairly sized heat sink from the CRT. I cut the acrylic in half for a 2 level platform and the heat sink was cut in 4, its necessary to isolate the MOSFETs from each other as their housing is also a conductor. Driver electronics and audio modulator are installed under a metal casing from the CRT monitor to shield it from the heavy EM field surrounding the Tesla coil, this is to avoid problems with the driver being interrupted by its own EM field. The bridge is made out of four IRFP460 MOSFETs, four MUR1560 diodes, four 5R resistors. The power supply is a 8A rectifier bridge with a BHC 1500 uF/450V smoothing capacitor, a 27K 7W bleeder resistor is added in the final build. The audio in jack was later removed due to it making a short through its metal housing to the negative 12VDC rail, I had overlooked that the audio in negative was not common with the negative 12VDC rail. The secondary is held in place by a crate for ventilation on houses, its an easy and quick way of taking the coil apart for transport or storage, and it holds the secondary firm and tight. At 200 VAC input voltage, 280 VDC on the bridge and a power consumption around 10A, peaking at 20A, the coil was drawing somewhere in between 2000 to 4000 Watt. This resulted in very hot, thick white arcs punishing the dead iPod shuffle which remarkably left the player relatively unharmed considered what had just taken place. For sound input I...

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