lcd interfacing with cy8c3866 psoc 3

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The PSoc 3 Primer kit is specifically designed to help students to master the required skills in the area of embedded systems. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the students. The kit supports FX2LP Programmer which is done through USB port. Cypress CY8C3866 core (CY8C3866),

lcd interfacing with cy8c3866 psoc 3
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PSoc 3 Primer Kit is proposed to smooth the progress of developing and debugging of various designs encompassing of speed 8-bit Microcontrollers. It integrates on board CAPSENSE BUTTONS, CAPSENSE LINEAR SLIDER, UART, ADC, DAC, Relay, Buzzer, Seven Segment, Serial EEPROM, Temperature Sensor LM35, Matrix Keypad, Switch, LED, Stepper Motor Driver, Traffic Light Controller, RTC, LCD & GLCD Display to create a stand-alone versatile test platform. User can easily engage in Primer in this platform, or use it as reference to application Primer. Liquid Crystal Display also called as LCD is very helpful in providing user interface as well as for debugging purpose. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat panel display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs). LCD Modules can present textual information to user. Fig. 1 shows how to interface the LCD to microcontroller. The 2x16 character LCD interface card with supports both modes 4-bit and 8-bit interface, and also facility to adjust contrast through trim pot. In 4-bit interface 7 lines needed to create 4-bit interface; 4 data bits (D0 D3), three control lines, address bit (RS), read/write bit (R/W) and control signal (E). In 8-bit interface 11 lines needed to create 8-bit interface; 8 data bits (D0 D7), three control lines, address bit (RS), read/write bit (R/W) and control signal (E).

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