learning How does this SIM card reader circuit work

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The circuit for a SIM card reader is shown here. The circuit uses a CMOS hex inverter and other simple components; yet, not only does it work but it can also communicate with a PC via serial port! I am learning electronic circuits as a hobby and I was baffled to see how simple this was. I was thinking of using some kind of micro controller for th

learning How does this SIM card reader circuit work
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

is. As you can see I am a complete amateur. Olin wanted you to learn by doing - and it is often the best way to learn. I wanted to use the link as intened so fixed it BUT you should always check your links after positing to make sure they are OK. The problem was small but fatal. Links are of form [label stuff](URL) with no gaps between ] and (. You had a space between ] and ( so it didn`t work. Russell McMahon Dec 29 `11 at 13:55 Please note that the signal levels going out on the DB9 header are not RS232 compliant. RS232 should be (I believe) +/- 9V atleast, and this only does 0. 5V (known as TTL) Hans Dec 29 `11 at 20:48

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