led tube light using transformer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Using white LEDs for illuminating our homes is becoming popularnowadays, due to the high power efficiency involved with these devices. The diagram shows a straightforward configuration involving many LEDs, arranged in series and parallel. Refrring to the shown LED tube light circuit using transformer we see the LEDs are driven by a general pur

led tube light using transformer
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pose 24 V power supply for illuminating the LED bank very brightly. The power supply incorporates standard bridge and capacitor network for the required rectification andfiltrationof the supply voltage to the LEDs. The supply voltage being 24, dividing it by the forward voltage of a white LED which is around 3 volts gives 24/3 = 6, meaning the supplyvoltagewill be able to support at the most 6 LEDs in series. However since we are interested to include many LEDs (132 here), we need to connect many of these series connected strings of LED through parallel connections. Since current limiting becomes an important issue with the white LEDs, a limitingresistoris added in series with each of the strings. The value of the resistor may be optimized by the user foradjustingthe overallilluminationof the LEDtube light. The proposed design will provide enough light forilluminatinga small 10 by 10 room brightly, and willconsumenot more than 0. 02 * 22 = 0. 44 Amps or 0. 44 * 24 = 10. 56 watts of power.

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