lfr using 555 timer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is Simple and cheap approach to Line Following Robot, This do not have anymicro controller but just a simple basic Circuit on three 555 timers. It has a good efficiency on following all kind of curves. This Robot is no more than 1000PKR. To make a reliable and well functioning robot, you just not need Electronics Skills but also a little Mech

lfr using 555 timer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

anical too. Having a Electronics mind, the most difficult job I felt in making this robot was Tires which would fit Properly in my motors and the Structure of Robot. For these stuff I accessed my University`s Lathe Machine for tires and a Wood Work shop to make the Structure. Does this circuit looks difficult to you ! wana go for a simpler than this !Click hereto see my Differential Drive based Line following Robot made on just BC108 Transistors. This is complete Diagram of whole circuit for Line Following Robot, but I have not shown the connections for LEDs, So for that, you will have to connect two LEDs in series of 1k resistor with +ve and -ve of this circuit. Dont feel that this is any difficult circuit, its very simple if you notice that Both 555 Timer circuits(others except center one) are exactly same. So you actually need to built the following two circuits. Our motors are not directly connected to the outputs of 555 Timer, but a transistor is used as a switch. The Pin Configuration of this transistor is (1)Emitter, (2)Base & (3)Collector I name this Part of the Circuit as Motor Driver Circuit, Now this is a circuit in which our DC geared motors are to be Hooked up, So wee need to make two circuits like this one in which The pin no 2 (Trigger) is given input from the Center 555 Timer Circuit In the above images It is configured as monostable, that means when they are triggered they give a pulse on the ouput pin...

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