lm1881 video sync for tv and lcd monitor separator

The chips include an ATmega88 as the main controller, an AD9280 ADC, an LM6134 high-speed quad op-amp, an LM1881 video sync separator, a 74HC4066 as a simple analog switch, and an RS-232-level converter. LM1881 Video sync separator extracts timing information including composite and vertical sync, burst/back porch timing, and odd/even field inform

ation from standard negative going sync NTSC, PAL* and SECAM video signals with amplitude from 0. 5V to 2V p-p. 5 RGB Blue Ground 7 RGB Blue Signal (0. 7Vpp 75 ohm) 9 RGB Green Ground 11 RGB Green Signal (0. 7Vpp 75 ohm) 13 RGB Red Ground 15 RGB Red Signal (1Vpp 75 ohm) 17 Composite Video Ground 19 Composite Video Out (1Vpp 75 ohm) 20 Composite Video In (1Vpp 75 ohm)

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