Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The following graph shows the measured temperature rise above ambient for a typical range of power supply voltages. The upper two plot lines are for no heatsink, with the LM4702 mounted above the PCB (as it normally would be) and mounted below the PCB (which has reduced cooling by air convection). Beyond about 45 Volts the chip begins to get too h

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ot. The GND pin should be directly connected to the "star earth" point. Other connections to the "star earth" are the central 0V point of power supply, the speaker output common, the Zobel network, the power supply bypass capacitors, and the low level "clean earth" point which is used for the input signal and feedback network. The "clean earth" point is isolated by a thin PCB track or a low value resistor from the large currents which circulate through the "star earth" point.

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