loud ringer for phone using ka2411

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This phone is loud ringing tone circuit for generating the electricity bell in the old telephone. This circuit is relatively loud. so can use to replacement the same ringer or the original telephone may be lost. We do not need a new phone. The detect ringing signal tone circuit with light and sound. It is easy to use and good quality, Do not enter

loud ringer for phone using ka2411
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the power supply. Which as Detect ringing signal tone circuit Or ring tones on the telephone line, a signal incoming calls. When an incoming call, When an incoming call, The C1, C2, will act as a coupling signal AC Volt to diodes D1, D2. Signal voltage is reduced down to approximately 10V. By D2 to detect, only a negative signal, One extreme to the other end of the wire loop. The D1 detect a positive signal, and the 4 LED. Flashing light attached to it, with frequency of the ringging tone. Which is about 20 Hz. and piezo speaker, show the audio beep. beep, followed by a tone frequency of the ringing.

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