magnetic switch circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Magnetic switch is a circuit which can respond to magnetic fields that were around the sensor. The series of magnetic switches uses sensors in the form of limit switches that provide an additional metal plate that can respond to a magnet. Magnetic switch circuit is made with an NE555 monostable multivibrator and a flip-flop togle from IC CD4013. The series of magnetic

magnetic switch circuit
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switches uses 12VDC supply voltage and the magnetic circuit is mounted indicator switch which serves to give a signal when the sensors respond to magnetic fields using the LED D1. Here is a complete range of magnetic switches. If the limit switches (sensors), active (connected) then it will get multivibrator NE555 triger signal and provides output pulses to be used to provide input signals to the flip-flop togle Relay K1 and active. Then when the sensors (limit switches respond to the magnetic field again, the multivibrator will give togle pulse as input to the flip-flop relay K1 and non-active.

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