make 400 watt mosfet sine wave inverter

The post explains probably the most easiest 400 watt sine wave inverter circuit, which requires lowest number ofcomponents and yet is able to produce optimum results. The circuit was requested by one of the activeparticipantsof this blog. From the circuit diagram we are able to witness the many obvious stages of an inverter topology. The gates
make 400 watt mosfet sine wave inverter - schematic

N1 and N2 form the oscillator stage and is responsible for generating the basic 50 or 60 Hz pulses, here it has been dimensioned for generating around 50 Hz output. The gates are from the IC 4049 which consists of 6 NOT gates, two have been used in the oscillator stage while the remaining four areconfiguredas buffers and inverters (for flipping the square wave pulses, N4, N5) Until here, the stages behave as an ordinary square wave inverter, but the introduction of the IC 555 stage transforms the entire configuration into a digitally controlled sine wave inverter circuit. The negative going pulses from the IC 555 are only utilized here for trimming the square wave pulses at the gates of the respective MOSFETs, via the corresponding diodes. The 24batteriesneed to be made out of two 12V 40 AH batteries in series. The supply to the ICs must beprovidedfrom any of the batteries, because the ICs will get damaged at 24Volts. The 100K pot should be adjusted using an RMS meter for making the RMS value at the output as close as possible to an original sine wave signal at the relevant voltage.

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