make this one transistor radio receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is probably the simplest radio that one could ever imagine of making. The circuit is so simple that it could be finished assembling within a few minutes and you are already listening your favorite programs over it. The circuit of a single transistor radio shown here though looks pretty ordinary, incorporates all the above stages and thus

make this one transistor radio receiver
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

becomes just suitable for receiving the radio stations. However simplicity will always involve some drawbacks also, here the present design will be capable of receiving only strong stations and also selectivity might not be very pleasing, typically if there are a couple of strong stations mingling around the band. The figure below shows how the single transistor radio can be made, we can clearly see that it just involves a single transistor as the main active component. The concentrated but very low in power signal from the above LC tuned stage is fed to the base of the transistor which as performs the function of a demodulator as well as a amplifier stage. The coupling capacitor at the base of the transistor makes sure only the radio information passes to the transistor while the DC component from the supply is appropriately blocked. Plugging in the headphone initiates the circuit and the circuit starts operating with its functions and the switches OFF itself when the headphone is removed from the circuit. This eliminates the need of an external switch to be associated with the circuit, making the unit very compact.

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