making of wireless car

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Here I am going to explain you how to make a wireless car. With the advent of IC`s, it has become very simple. Some registers are also required. To make your work simpler I would recommend to go to an Electronics Shop and ask for wireless Car 413 Mhz ASK type kit*. You will find everything you require except motors and tyres. In Mumbai you will get everything on Lamington road in Grant Road.

making of wireless car
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Now in order to control say one motor, we require 2 bits of information while we need 4 bits of information to control 2 motors. The RF module used here is 433/315Mhz ASK type. In order to drive motors, we need to connect a suitable motor driver at the output of the decoder IC. The motor driver circuit can consist of a Relay, transistorized H-Bridge or motor driver ICs like the L293D, L298 etc. This schematic shows the use of L293D to drive a pair of DC motors/Geared Motors. The motor supply voltage can go up to 24Volts safely. But the IC supports a maximum of only 600mA current/channel; which is more than enough to drive small DC geared motors. Add 0. 22uF capacitors across both the motors to reduce the effect of noise on the circuitry. We can also add 100uF capacitor between the motor supply pin and the Gnd. Connections M1-A and M2-B correspond to Motor 1 while connections M2-A and M2-B correspond to Motor 2. These control inputs can be connected to any logic circuitry or a microcontroller.

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