mechatronics Design

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The robot was controlled with a Motorola 68HC11 on a special MC11 input/output board furnished by the Stanford Smart Product Design Lab (SPDL). The SPDL also furninshed motor controller boards, each consisting of a DS3658 stepper controller, a SN754410 h-bridge, or an LMD18200T h-bridge, with heat sinks and screw-mounts for wires. Infrared sensors

mechatronics Design
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were used to sense the beacons on the court, thus aiming the robot in the right direction to shoot each time. A set of three sensors with physical reflector/blinders to separate left, right, and narrow-view middle were used to home in on the beacons. Ultrasonic rangefinders were used to sense the distance from the robot to the rear wall of the court, to calculate how far to launch the balls. This also let the robot know what angle it was shooting at, by finding the position perpendicular to the back wall. The catapult`s DC motor used its own separate power supply (at 18V), because it pulled too much peak current to run simultaneously with the other electronics. The circuit`s output is a DC analog voltage corresponding to the light intensity; the DC voltage is given by rectifying and low-pass-filtering the signal after amplification. Note that the rectifying diode is an LED, allowing one to look at the circuit and see the intensity of light being read by the sensor, without the use of measuring instruments. The signal is greatly amplified because it is designed to operate with the sensors eight feet from the beacons. This amplification of a weak signal was also the reason for the second (. 75V) offset voltage: the weak signal, even at its maximum, was below 2. 5V (the first reference voltage) after the voltage drop from the rectifying diode; in order to get any signal, a lower offset voltage had to be used. We used a...

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