Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Micon-GHS clock is a very accurate handy clock for mobile observation with some intelligent facilities. `Note that `Micon` is a short form for `Microcomputer` in Japanese. `The clock was operated by referring the GPS (Global Positioning System) signal, so that it can attain the accurate timing near as the atomic clock operates. An onboard exc

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lusive micro chip (PIC16F873) makes it possible to monitor the information of geodesic information (Longitude, Latitude, etc. ) on demand. Real-time display mode of some astronomical times (apparent solar time, Greenwich sidereal time, local sidereal time, hour angle of Polar star) is also available. Onboard devices are operated by 5 V DC charge. However, the "Micon-GHS clock" has a DC-DC converter from 12 V DC to 5 V DC (1. 5 W) for useful power supply, so that we can use it with connection to car battery (cigar lighter). = Detailed specifications of the "Micon-GHS clock" (ver. 2. 1) Voltage of power supply: 10 V DC to 18 V DC Power consumption: 1. 5 W (maximum) Accuracy of timing sync. : within 500 ns *Note that response of LED device has a delay about 40 micro seconds or so, experimentally. Time signal output method: LED beat (flasher), 2 lines 7 segments LED, speaker tone, line output Forenotice of minute signal: LED beat (flasher), speaker tone, line output Display of timing information: Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute, Second (UTC sync. ) Display of geodesy information: Longitude, Latitude, Height of receiver antenna, Height of Geoid, Acquisition number of GPS satellites, HDOP value, Condition of GPS positioning Accuracy of positioning: within 10 m horizontally, but with a few 10 m error vertically Display of astronomical time: Apparent solar time, Greenwich sidereal time, Local sidereal time, Hour angle of the Polar...

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