microcontroller 8051 rftx rx

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The problem is when i connect the 8051 to the encoder the data send is not received at the receiver but as soon as the 8051 connections are removed the transmisison works perfectly. thus manually the RF communication works perfectly i. e the 8 bit data which i give manually at the encoder is perfectly send and then later received at the decoder sid

microcontroller 8051 rftx rx
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e Is some sort of interfacing required b/w encoder-ht640 and microcontroller 8051 or at the receiver side b/w the decoder-ht648l and 8051. help me plz its urgent these RF modules need data in serial form and the encoder IC is more like a shift register here. 8051`s uart sends data serially. RF modules accepts max datarate of 4000bps normally. so if you keep uart at 1200 bps then uart o/p can be directly connected to transmitter pin. similarly on the other side. receiver`s o/p can be connected to rx pin of 8051.

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