microcontroller Driving low-voltage H-bridge directly from MCU

Drive a small (3. 6V, <1A) brushed motor bidirectionally with a PIC MCU. My available space is extremely limited, so I`d like to use a single 3. 6V power supply for both the motor and PIC, and a minimum of drive circuitry. I haven`t found a dedicated motor driver IC that operates at this low voltage, so a discrete H-bridge seems the most suitable drive arrangement. I`ve identified the NXP PMV30UN and PMV32UP as suitable

(N-type and P-type) drive MOSFETS (line card here ). Since both PIC and motor use the same power supply, is it possible to dispense with all the usual driving circuitry for an H-bridge, and connect the transistors near-directly to the MCU pins as follows Are there any pitfalls with doing this that I should be aware of

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