microcontroller Generate a reset signal from a falling edge trigger

Microcontroller design where the mcu is placed in hibernation mode, and can only be awoken by a pulse(high-low-high) signal on the reset pin. (active low) As a wake-up source i`m using an accelerometer or an external RTC. The idea is to have the accelerometer trigger an interrupt, that drives an interrupt pin low. The same goes fo

r the RTC. It will pull an interrupt pin to logic low signal. However, this won`t wake the mcu from hibernation mode. I need to use this sleep-mode to save as much power as possible. I`m wondering how I can create a toggle signal from the interrupt-pin signal form the wakeup sources. The toggle must only happen once, since its the reset-pin of the mcu. Is there any kind of latches of logic circuits/components that create this kind of signal Edit2: The interrupt signals from both accelerometer and RTC stays low until reset by mcu. Usually this is done by reading a register in the peripheral unit. And for this to happen the mcu must be awake.

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