microcontroller How can I measure battery voltage with my MCU

Currently using the PIC24FJ128GA010 and I am planning to use Input/Output port to connect my 4. 2 V LiPo battery and to check if the voltage value doesn`t go below 3. 7 V. You should avoid digital. You have two options, use an ADC or use an Analog comparator. The last on one should be preferable if you only need to check if the voltage dropped

bellow your threshold. Bruno Ferreira Sep 3 `12 at 15:22 @Mattew: Why 3. 7V If you stop at 3. 7V on the discharge curve, you`d be stopping after having used less than 50% of a LiPo`s capacity (depending on your current draw). See discharge curves for a Sanyo Li-ion battery

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