microphone Neumann SM 69 fet

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Both used a pair of capsules from Neumann`s K67 family, mounted one atop another, with the top capsule having the ability to be rotated 270 ° against the bottom (presumably, -90 ° +180 ° like the USM 69). The capsule is Neumann`s K870, a 34mm design with dual 26mm diaphragms made of gold-plated Mylar. The same capsule is used in the U87. Each ca

microphone Neumann SM 69 fet
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psule could be switched among Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Figure-8, and six intermediate patterns including Hypercardioid and Wide Cardioid. Pattern switches were not on the microphone body, as with later designs such as the USM 69, but rather on an external power supply and switchbox. CU48(i), CK48K - operates via phantom-power supplied by the console or DAW; uses an internal DC-DC converter to create the necessary voltage from the +48V input You cannot use the audio straight out of the CU 48 converter box, because you need to remove (decouple) the phantom power DC voltage from the audio (AC) before it can be processed in the mic pre. The combination of multi-pattern support and a rotating top capsule assembly allows the SM 69 fet to support a variety of single-point stereo pickup patterns: Having two capsules in close proximity yields additional benefits, such as having a backup if one capsule or amplifier or downstream input channel dies during a critical recording. One trick I love to do with [the SM69 fet] is to put it on a very dynamic singer pick which of the two capsules sounds best for when they`re singing quietly and use the other for when they`re singing loudly. The way I get the two to switch over is to give the one that is meant for the quiet passages about 10db more gain on the mic pre than the one for the louder passages then set up a compressor that will pull the output of the soft passage  capsule back...

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