microphone Oktava MK 219

The MK-219 is a popular large-diaphragm condenser, designed and produced in JSC Oktava`s factory in Tula, Russia. Since its release (in the West) in 1994, it has had a reputation of offering a great value for the price, which at the time was over $500. These mics regularly sell on Ebay for $80-$100 today. Rumour has it that the large diaphragm cap
microphone Oktava MK 219 - schematic

sule used is based on an old Neumann design and, having done direct comparisons with my Microtech UM70 (a rather more elegant ex-Eastern bloc mic also purporting to use a Neumann capsule design), I can say that the two mics sounded so similar that in a blind test with vocals, I couldn`t tell one from the other. The MK-219 capsule assembly includes a resonator disk  that extends the high frequency of the capsule (+4dB @ 10Hz). Some modders claim this resonator reduces impulse response accuracy and smoothness. Scott Dorsey`s June, 2005 article on MK-219 mods from Recording Magazine has recently been published online; see the link in the sidebar. In it, Dorsey presents the following modifications: The mic dates to 1989, and possibly earlier, although it was not exported until the early to mid 1990s. See photos and details of early MK-219s, circa 1989. As of August, 2013, the MK-219 has been discontinued. Some inventory remains at distributors, but the microphone will no longer be produced, according to Oktava.

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