mk120 light barrier 12v dc power supply

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The currents listed are maximum values, the actual current used will vary on what the circuits are doing. That precludes just placing a resistor in series to drop 12 to 9 volts and run the units. Note that on each circuit there is a 1N4007 diode in series with the power. That diode will drop about. 6 volt leading me to believe the actual circuits

mk120 light barrier 12v dc power supply
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run on less athn 9 volts and more like 8. 4 volts approximately. My choice would be to use a few LM7809 regulators to give you 9 volts from a 12 volt source. The data sheet can be found here. That is how I would likely go about it. Thanks for you suggestion, I use LM338 as voltage regulator (see picture) now and since it gets very hot I was thinking to use 12V somehow. My main voltage used by this project is 12V for motor, LED etc. Only this circuit needs 9V. I have made dual PSU to reduce noise from motor circuit (with PWM driver) to the LED circuit (another LM338T constant curren circuit). Or perhaps they can share same PSU without any issues

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