mosfet Driving LED strip from microcontroller

A strip of LEDs from a microcontroller using PWM to control the brightness. The strip I have takes about 1. 5A at 12V. I`m only familiar with purely low power digital electronics so wanted to check if these assumptions are correct and get any advice :- However looking at the spec of the various MOSFETs I can buy it looks like any that can pass this amount of current

require considerably more than 3. 3v I can get from my microcontroller to turn on fully. So am I best to have a small NPN transistor switching 12v to the input of a mosfet to control the actual LED strip (Sorry I can`t draw a diagram on this computer but can add one later if needed) Are my assumptions correct, and does anyone have any advice or a better way I`d also be interested in recommendations for suitable parts although that`s not my main question. (Edit: I looked for other posts that answered this and didn`t find anything that was quite what I wanted, if someone has a link to a duplicate then please post it and I`ll happily close the question).

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