motor control

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

THE CUBE is a 3D jigsaw puzzle, with the added feature that a puzzle piece vibrates for approximately a second when it is placed in the correct place in the puzzle. We accomplished this by building an electrical design such that a circuit delivering power to a vibration motor was completed each time a puzzle piece was correctly placed onto a ba

motor control
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se. We hope that our project will reach the educational goal of improving the process of learning spatial skills by providing positive feedback and encouragement. Our qualitative results indicated that the vibration feedback did make the puzzle experience more fun: our table was occupied with visitors for the duration of the event, and "THE CUBE" was voted "Most Creative". When completed, THE CUBE  looks like the picture to the right: In our final haptics project, we aimed to build a haptic device that targeted a more fundamental skill in life than something learned in a high school. We began considering concepts learned at a younger age than high school to meet this interest and came to the conclusion that we wanted to influence learning of spatial awareness in children. To explore the effects of haptic feedback on the experience of developing spatial awareness in children aged seven through ten, we came up with THE CUBE . Below is a description of our research into previous work as it relates to several aspects of our project- spatial learning, 3D puzzles, and vibrotactile feedback. Each of these sources gave us some sort of insight and/or molded our approach. Summary: This paper describes a set of cubes that, when interlocked, rendered their position and orientation onto a computer monitor. Children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) played challenging visual games with these blocks, and their...

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