motor controller

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

DC motor control circuit using NE555 Are you familiar with all the applications of 555 timer circuits If not, we can help you. We all know that for better understanding, the best source is an authenticated book on the subject. CircuitsToday presents an online store which has reviews on 3 books that are considered to be the best in providing the b

motor controller
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asics and applications of the 555 timer IC. We have reviewed them in detail. You check them out and buy them here:-3 Great Books to Learn 555 Timer Circuits and Projects. A simple DC motor controller circuit using PWM Motor Speed Control Description Here is a simple PWM motor speed controller circuit that can be used for varying the speed of low power DC motors. The variation in speed is achieved by varying the duty cycle of the pulse supplied to drive the motor. Of the two gates of IC CD40106B, N1 is wired as an inverting Schmitt Trigger astable multi vibrator for producing pulses and N2 as an inverting buffer to drive the transistor during positive cycles at base. The duty cycle is set from resistor R2. R1 limits the base current of transistor SL Automatic Wiper Control Description A continuously working wiper is a big problem when it is raining slightly. The wiper control given here makes the wiper to sweep at rates from 1S to 10 S. The circuit is build around an astable multivibrator using NE 555. Here the output at pin 3 remains high for a time period set by R2, and low for a time period set by R3. The low output pulse drives the transistor pair to drive the wiper motor to make one sweeping cycle and waits for next low pulse to arrive for next sweep. The high going pulse at pin

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