neon emergency light battery schematic

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit is IC controlled emergency light. This series of automatic switching-on of the light on mains failure and battery charger with overcharge protection. When mains is absent, the relay RL2 is in deenergised state, feeding battery supply to the inverter section via its N / C contacts and switch S1. The inverter section comprises IC2 (NE55

neon emergency light battery schematic
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5) which is used in a stable fashion to produce sharp pulses at the rate of 50 Hz for driving the MOSFETs. The output of IC3 is fed to the gate of MOSFET (T4) directly while it is applied to MOSFET (T3) after inversion by gate transistor T2. Thus the power amplifier built around MOSFETs T3 and T4 functions in push-pull mode. The output across the secondary of transformer X2 can easily drive a 230-volt, 20-watt fluorescent tube. In case light is not required to be on during mains failure, simply flip the switch S1 to off position. Battery overcharge preventer circuit is built around IC1 (LM308). Its non-inverting pin is held at a reference voltage of approximately 6. 9 volts which is obtained using diode D5 (1N4148) and 6. 2-volt zener D6.

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