network wiring diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

PDS is taken to address these shortcomings of standardized measures to achieve a uniform material, unified design, unified routing, unified installation and construction, make the structure clear and easy to centrally manage and maintain. So now the new buildings, cabling is a trend, is also essential infrastructure. Is a cabling system for transmitting voice, data, video and other information of the standard structured

network wiring diagram
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cabling systems. A building or buildings within the transmission network, which enables voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment and other information management systems connected to each other. Integrated wiring system uses structured cabling approach to building computer systems, telephone systems, building intercom, surveillance systems into one unified structure, unified management of the entity, completely solve the high-speed data transmission, line interference and electromagnetic radiation and other issues. Small Western-style network cabling cabling are areas of intelligent buildings, the work in the small Western-style parallel the civil foundation wo rks, at least in the pipeline is. Small Western-style network cabling may include: computer network systems, security systems, telephone systems, the four closed-circuit television wiring systems. Today`s technology allows the security system In the home decoration, the network cabling is essential. Many companies and individuals decorating your water electrician wiring, decorating the end are more or less left some regret, not the barrier between the telephone line is not clear that the TV room or a socket or electricity. In such cases we have looked helpless, the house had been decorated well, re-wiring is impossible to increase. Can only be used with cordless phone or open wire to make up the heart when it is very uncomfortable. Network...

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