nimh battery problems and cures

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The NiMH battery chemistry is a topic which, for most of us, is shrouded in mystery. Myths seem to form a large part of what this chemistry is about and how it should be treated or not treated as the case may be. The following script lists and explains a number of items which have been fished out of the muddy waters surounding the use and maintena

nimh battery problems and cures
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nce of NiMH batteries and particularly the battery used in the Vectrix VX1 Maxi-scooter. The battery as supplied by G. P. Batteries of Hong Kong to Vectrix, consists of 102 cells of (nominally) 1. 2 volts per cell providing a total voltage, when charged, of about 138 volts (1. 35 Volts per cell). The cells have been selectively matched for capacity, open circuit voltage and internal resistance before being built up into the pair of batteries (front battery of 48 cells and the rear battery of 54 cells) There will, of course, always be minor variations in the individual cells because, no matter how close the tolerances are in manufacture, there will always be some difference between the specific characteristics of the individual cells. Also, the internal resistance of each cell increases with ageing and cell `ageing` can itself be increased through miss-use, resulting in some cells of a battery ageing more quickly than others. Vectrix were in total control of the design of the scooter in terms of the mechanical, electronic and electrical side of things. Unfortunately, there have proved to be some deficiencies in the design of the electronics which have resulted in some problems with the batteries. Some of these problems have now been overcome, some are still to be dealt with. The problems are listed below along with some possible remedial actions. The main problems experienced by owners of the Vectrix VX1 have been connected...

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