non inverting opamp butterworth filter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I would like to learn if this circuit will invert the input signal or not. The opamp is single supplied, and supply voltage is 5V. The input signal is varying between 0V and 5V. What happens the the output voltage if the signal is inverted I think, if you invert a positive signal you obtain a negative one, and since the opamp cannot give negative

non inverting opamp butterworth filter
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output, it will simply give 0V, am I right If this circuit is inverting, how can I convert it to a non-inverting one There are only two opamps available in the circuit. Source of the input signal has high impedance (around 560k ©, arrives from a resistive voltage divider), so I feel like I must have a buffer at the input stage of the amplifier.

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