op amp IR Demodulator Design

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Designing an IR demodulator circuit to replace the one shown in this question. Basically I want to demodulate a simple IR signal modulated at 32. 678 kHz. I just need to know if the signal is present. No packets. Just IR present or not present. I have tried simulating this in LTspice with no success so I am not sure if I`ve done something ver

op amp IR Demodulator Design
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y wrong in spice or in my circuit. I am no pro with LTspice. R1 N001 N006 2. 49K tol=1 pwr=0. 1 R2 Output N003 1Meg R3 N006 N005 1Meg C1 N005 N004 470pF C2 N003 N001 220pF C3 Output N001 220pF V1 N006 0 2. 5 V2 N002 0 5 V3 N004 0 PULSE(0. 05 0 0 0 0. 0000152587890625 0. 000030517578125 200) XU1 N005 N003 N002 0 Output LT1722. tran 12ms. lib LTC. lib. backanno. end The overall gain of the circuit is approximately 400 by my calculations. So, in choosing my op amp I would need a GBWP of 14 MHz or greater Any other critical op amp specifications for this application Note the amp showed is just a place holder until I choose the op amp.

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