op amp Op Amp based Colpitts oscillator  

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Feb 5, 2014
An op-amp based Colpitts oscillator in multisim. When I press run button it shows- `timestep too smaall error`. I`ve googled and tried everything but it still shows the error. Not sure where you got that design, but as drawn your C-L-C pi circuit is grounded (by an ideal ground, for purposes of simulation) at both ends, so it willhave absolutely no effect on the op-amp circuit. The Photon Apr 17 `13 at 19:17 It also looks
op amp Op Amp based Colpitts oscillator - schematic

like the op-amp output is tied directly to ground, but I am not sure I can tell the difference between a connection and a jump in your image. The Photon Apr 17 `13 at 19:18

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