op amp monostable multivibrator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a monostable multivibrator circuit that employs a single op amp. The main component of this circuit is the 741, a general-purpose operational amplifier. A monostable multivibrator is a timing circuit that changes state once triggered, but returns to its original state after a certain time delay. It got its name from the fact that only one

op amp monostable multivibrator
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of its output states is stable. It is also known as a `one-shot`. A negative trigger pulse at the input forces the output of the op amp to logic `high`. This charges up C2 which keeps the non-inverting input of the op amp temporarily higher than the inverting input, maintaining the output high for a certain period of time. Eventually C2 discharges to ground and the op amp output swings back to logic `low`. The duration of the pulse is defined by R2 and C2. The `one-shot` has several applications, which include dividing the frequency of the input signal and converting an irregular input pulse to a uniform output pulse.

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