p channel power mosfets approach n channel performance

Using the latest generation of trench and polar power MOSFET technologies, we have developed both trench and polar P-Channel power MOSFETs that retain all the features of comparable N-Channel power MOSFETs such as very fast switching, voltage control, ease of paralleling and excellent temperature stability. They are intended for applications that require the convenience of reverse polarity operation. They have an n-type body region that provides lower resistivity in the body region and good avalanche characteristics because the parasitic PNP transistor is less prone to turn-on. Compared with N-channel power MOSFETs having similar design features, P-channel power MOSFETs have better FBSOA (Forward Bias Safe Operating Area) and are practically immune to Single Event Burnout phenomena . The most important advantage of P-channel Power MOSFETs is the simplified gate driving technique in the High-Side (HS) switch position..

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