pcb design Need second set of eyes on 555 50% duty cycle soldered protoboard

Bold lines are soldered connections, arrows are wire based connections. Red for V_cc, Black for ground, blue for intermediate connection and gold for primary output. Pins 1, 5 are connected to ground (I recognize that 5 should go to a capacitor to ground, but have omitted it here as it worked without it on the breadboard and space was limited) My first thought was that I damaged something during the soldering process,

so I went through and verified that the resistors and capacitor were functioning. The 555 sits in a socket, and each of the socket connections is going through. So the big question is, what did I screw up in translating from the datasheet to this design And, in general, what tests can I conduct myself to identify how to solve "why isn`t my protoboard working" kind of problems in the future

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