Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The long exposure modified TouCam Pro II camera may show signs of unacceptable noise in the pictures for exposures of over 30s or so. In order to combat this effect the CCD chip may be cooled. The cooling device I used was a Peltier module. A second hand device was obtained from eBay at a bargain price of £9. 99 + £1. 99 P&P. Since new these can c

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ost over £40. 00 I was quite pleased. The supplier I used, Terry Potts has told me that he usually has a supply of Peltiers in stock. Terry also supplies Silver Compound for all thermal surface mating which I used in this project. Terry can be contacted by e-mail at: The CCD chip has to be removed from the printed circuit board of the camera, and placed on the `Cold Finger` assembly which is thermally coupled to the Peltier module. Initial testing of just the Peltier module held against a PC heatsink and fan arrangement gave me a reading of +35C on the hot side and +2C on the cold. Not bad considering I simply used pressure to keep the Peltier against the heatsink and no heatsink compound (it does get better). A gap of 1mm is allowed around the perimeter of the peltier module. The internal cut-out of 42mm x 46mm is also made in the enclosure. This allows the Peltier module to be seated directly onto the heatsink. The self-tap screws are also insulated from the enclosure by M3 insulators. Here is a picture of the inside of the enclosure showing the four M3 insulators. The screw fixings with the nylon nuts are for the `Cold Finger` to Peltier fixing later. The grommet is to allow the fan wiring access to the enclosure. The heatsink and fan assembly were then attached to the enclosure using four self-tap screws. The Peltier module was placed on the heatsink, with some heatsink compound between them, and temporarily held in...

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