Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the inspiration from lab 3, Digital Waveform Synthesis, I want to make a project that can process and playback music. Some songs are pre-stored in memory. They can be played back just like a real piano keyboard. Also the user can input a song on a simple keyboard that is an octave long. The song is played in real time. Later, the user can ask

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the 8051 to transpose the song to different keys, or to its parallel minor. This project is interesting and useful because transposing keys is a big part of music theory study. The octave long keyboard is the mechanical part of this project. The layout of the keyboard can be seen in figure 1. To make the hole drilling process easier, a tupperware container top is used as the base of the keyboard. It turned out to be a plus that it provides a bouncy feeling for the fingers. Sixteen momentary switches are the main components of this octave long keyboard. Twelve out of the sixteen switches are the keys in an octave (seven white keys and five black keys). The other four are for user selections (Play  plays back the song that was input by the user. Transpose  transposes the stored song to another key. Minor  transposes the stored song from major to its parallel minor. Done  should be pressed after the user is done inputting a song. ) There are two regular on-off switches on the far right side for selection purposes as well. (The upper one selects between twinkle, twinkle, little star, and Mary and a little lamb. The bottom one selects between playing the stored songs mode and user inputting songs mode). The electrical connections of the momentary switches are similar to the calculator keypad that is used in class. Figure 2a shows the wiring of the sixteen momentary switches. Figure 2b shows the wiring of the two regular...

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