pic thermometer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuit uses LM35 as its temperature sensor, and displays the temperature (0-99 Celsius) using the two 7 segment display. The circuit is also programmed to turn on devices using the RC pins. Example: RC0 is ON when the temperature is above 39 Celsius. One application is to turn on a fan whe

pic thermometer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

n it is already too hot. That`s why we included additional circuit for this application Original circuit from HAMRADIOINDIA. The circuit there uses two temperature sensors and 3 seven segment displays because of decimal point in the output (e. g. 25. 6 Celsius). I modified the circuit and simplified it by removing the spare sensor and using only two display. The reason is when I simulated it in Proteus, the output is somehow wrong. I don`t know if the output is right on actual but since I want to make sure with the actual circuit, I followed my schematic that gives the right output on simulation. I did not program the microcontroller. The HEX is from the site and the code is available there.

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