please 555 circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I got frustrated and decided to hook it up to a 15v supply and jump R3 with a clip-on soldering heat sink. 555`s smell great when you fry`em. I have about 9 more tries before I run out of parts, but for now I will seek help in the forums and stick to the simulator. The IR array is rated at 920+nm but I bought them from china and they have plenty o

please 555 circuit
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f visible light. I have been using a volt meter, and the array isn`t getting enough voltage, (. 5V out of the 2nd transistor) but just in case, I am using an IR sensitive camera as well. I am in a hurry and have to go to work now, but I will have more voltages later. I don`t quite remember them all. I think that pin three on the 555 the voltage was okay, but after R3 It had only. 5v and the transistors weren`t doing much. Could it be that my 48LED arrays are too power hungry or something I have looked up other examples of timing circuits with the 555 for the simulator I have (Yenka) and it seems that all of them have the controlling resistor where I have R2 and not R1, and what`s with the funny loop on R1 I know that to get a reading on the resistance, It`s the middle pin and one of the ends, but it seems to be completely bypassed when I have it all hooked up and there is no resistance between pin 3 and 1. BUT THE LIGHT SHOULD STILL COME ON RIGHT It only came on once on my first model, and stayed on. Maybe the timing was too slow but the potentiometer did nothing. Like I said, the simulator examples had the variable resistor in another spot. Thanks in advance for any advice. I am fairly new to this stuff. You should put the pot where R2 is. The 555 won`t like it if the pot is set to zero. The loop is hooking pin 1 to pin 2. I don`t know the spec on your LED, but they usually need something to limit the current. Maybe it is...

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