pololu high current motor driver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Need more current If you`ve got a larger motor waiting to be used, the Pololu High Current Motor Driver Board 14A 6V-16V is just what you need. Connect three digital lines to your microcontroller (five if you want error condition feedback), and you`re ready to go! The Pololu High Current motor driver board is a compact solution for using the VNH2SP30 motor driver integrated circuit.

pololu high current motor driver
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The board incorporates most of the components of the typical application diagram on page 7 of the VNH2SP30 datasheet, including pull-up and current-limiting resistors and a FET for reverse battery protection. All you need to add is a microcontroller or other control circuit to turn the H-Bridge on and off. In a typical application, the motor power supply is connected at the bottom of the board, the motor on the right side of the board, and the control connections to the left side of the board. The diagnostic pins can be left disconnected if you do not want to monitor the fault conditions of the motor driver chip. INA and INB control the direction of the motor, and the PWM pin turns the motor on or off. The motor driver has a maximum current rating of 30 A continuous. However, the chip by itself will overheat at much lower currents. That is why it is suggested that you use it at 14A continuous. The actual current you can deliver will depend on how well you can keep the motor driver cool. In our tests, we were able to deliver short durations (on the order of milliseconds) of 30 A and a few seconds of 20 A without overheating. At 14 A, the chip gets just barely noticeably warm to the touch. For higher currents, a heat sink will be necessary. The motor and power supply wires should also be soldered directly instead of going through the terminal blocks, which are rated for up to 15 A. Manymotor controllers or speed controllers...

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