power Switching Between Two Voltage Supplies

VOUT to be 3V when the switch is open and 5V when the switch is closed. The simulation seems to give me what I want when the switch is open, but not when it`s closed. What am I doing wrong Is there a better way to do this I was avoiding a common cathode diode pair to avoid the forward voltage drop. @Gorloth. the switch exists for the purposes of simulation only. It`s meant to simulate the attaching and detatching

of 5V power from the circuit. I don`t want a mechanical switch ultimately. vicatcu Apr 21 `13 at 5:40 YOu say the desired behaviour of 3v or 5v at vout, but you also say when simulated it does not work when the switch is closed, but you specify how it`s not working, if you are getting a vout that is ~3. 6v then sounds liek a body diode issue that Brian mentions in his answer below Gorloth Apr 21 `13 at 19:06

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